Thomas Rose Qualifies for World Championship of Public Speaking

Thomas Rose wins Public Speaking Contest on European Level

Dr. Thomas Rose, Business Coach and Consultant, is an avid friend of the spoken word. Since 2009 he regularly competes at international level with the best speakers throughout Europe. He brought home many trophies since then and finished first place already in 2010, where he was voted for the best German speaker in Continental Europe.

What does “European Level” actually mean?

Toastmasters International is world leader in communication and leadership development. Its membership is 313,000 strong. Members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 14,650 clubs in 126 countries that make up a global network of meeting locations.

Best speech, english: Thomas Rose

1st place of the international speech contest, D95, 2015, goes to Dr. Thomas Rose.

Currently (i.e. 2015) Continental Europe is divided into two Districts, each comprising more than 200 clubs. Hence, being the winner of one of those District Contests makes Thomas Rose one out of two Continental European speakers, who have now qualified for the world championship of public speaking. The other contestant is Antonio Meza, a Mexican coach and artist who currently resides in Paris, France, is married to a German lady, and has many more connections to other nationalities, as he explains in his winning speech.

What happens next?

Thomas Rose has qualified for the world championship of public speaking 2015. The contest will be held during the International Convention of Toastmasters International in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The first challenge will be the semifinal. There will be ten semifinals with ten participants each. Contestants come from all over the world. Each semifinal winner is then eligible to compete in the world championship final two days later (August 15th 2015). A finalist represents one of ten top speakers and will have to endure the pressure of thousand of people watching him perform.

Since Antonio Meza (South West Europe) and Thomas Rose (Noth East Europe) will compete in different semi finals, there is indeed a possibility that both European Champions share one stage during the final. They both have become friends by now, supporting each other and touring Europe in order to prepare for the world championship.

Good luck to both of them!

Thomas Rose and Antonio Meza - Meeting in Brussels to discuss world championship tactics.

Thomas Rose and Antonio Meza – Meeting in Brussels to discuss world championship tactics.

Special thanks to the Artful Orators of Brussels!

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