Story Telling in Business

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Story Telling in Business – Slides Download

Story Telling in Business

Story Telling in Business

Thanks to the organizers of the D91 Toastmasters International 2015 Autumn Conference in Swindon, UK

The slides used during the keynote “Story Telling in Business” by Thomas Rose are now available as download.

Please keep in mind that the download consists only of the PDF version of the Powerpoint presentation shown in the keynote. No animations, no comments, no spoken words, nor the charming presenter himself is part of the download 😉

Slides are only a tiny part of a presentation and will never come close to the whole experience of a live keynote. If you want a presentation at your next conference just ask Thomas Rose. Just send any inquiries via Mail to Thomas Rose.

This keynote was presented at the Great Western Conference in Swindon, UK, on November 7th, 2015. Find more details here.

Herzlichst,  Ihr Dr. Thomas Rose

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