Your Coach in Germany: Dr. Thomas Rose

Dr. Rose, Coach in Cologne, Germany

Dr. Thomas Rose – Certified Business Coach

We could safe ourselves a lot of time, trouble and treasures if we fully understood not only the impact of what we say, but of what we don’t say as well. Much hardship and discouragement is caused by someone who has the opportunity to speak up, but decides to remain silent.

Dr. Thomas Rose lives in Cologne, Germany and works as a certified Business Coach. He holds certificates both from the Germany Chamber of Industry and Commerce as well as the Association BZTB following ISO-Norm 17024. If you are looking for No muss, no fuss coaching experience, No ifs, no buts consulting, and No delusion, no excuses management and leadership sparring, you have come to the right place.

Cologne Business Coaching | Coaching as it should be: No muss no fuss. No ifs no buts. Straight. Pure. Clear.

If your style is straight, pure and clear then Dr. Thomas Rose is the perfect match for you. Real coaching can be challenging, but it shall not hurt (at least not to intense and not to long). You need a coach who is not afraid to bring up a painful subject, who does not mince words and is still strong and sensitive enough to carry you for a while when change gets tough.

Dr. Thomas Rose is known as

  • motivating and inspiring speaker (European Champion of Public Speaking 2010)
  • certified Business-Coach (renowned by several authorities)
  • the German expert on micro-motivation (runs his own micro- motivation site
  • trusted counsellor for conflict-, crisis- and communication- management
  • explosives expert, who acts on-site wherever a bomb threatens to explode due to lack of communication, commitment and personal reliability.

As a leader you cannot afford to ignore the unpleasant facts or withhold the uneasy truths. Yet never forget the good news, too. Your staff, your colleagues and even your boss deserve open, honest and appreciative feedback. You can be the stirrup holder for your team. If you don’t provide room for peak performance – who else will?

Dr. Thomas Rose…

  • is a certified Reiss-Profile-Master (i.e. scientific method of measuring and analysing intrinsic motivation according to Prof. St. Reiss, Ohio State Univ.)
  • uses the insights of the Reiss-Profile for the development of individual and lean motivational concepts – way beyond the carrot-and-stick approach
  • is a trained and certified business-coach (according to the ISO-Norm 17024)
  • holds more than two decades of invaluable hands-on experience as business-consultant with financial institutes like banks and leasing corporations, insurances, public services and
    telecommunications and media companies
  • exerts a lasting positive influence on teams and individuals and organisations
  • increases quality, competence, communication and people skills, self-responsibility and personal influence, individual motivation and the desire for success
  • has considerable experience in process optimization, system integration and analysis as well as project management
  • is an ardent advocator of a pro-active management, of open communication, of consistent change and improvement, and of an open and clear leadership style
  • increases staff loyalty and customer satisfaction on all levels
  • doesn’t shirk!

Personal Data

Born 1964, German (native tongue), English (business fluent)

Interested in: German Speakers Association, Toastmasters International, Adventure travels, Foreign cultures, Golf, Snooker, plays several instruments

Successful people think big, start small, and move fast.


Die wichtigsten Stationen im Schnelldurchgang

  • dropped out of school at the age of 15
  • completed apprenticeship as plumber and gas fitter
  • continued as factory worker and electroplater
  • delivered civilian service at a school for mentally and multiply-handicapped children
  • gained university entry qualification on second-chance school
  • studied physics at the universities of Cologne and Bremen (Germany) in less than the standard duration of study; came in top
  • pursued academic research projects, studies and publications
  • doctorate gained in less then the standard duration of graduation, magna cum laude
  • freelancing business consultant (financial and insurance sector, t-com, media, aviation)
  • became a certified Reiss-Profile-Master
  • started TACHLES Coaching and Consulting
  • became European champion of public speaking (Den Haag, 2010)
  • established the “Institut für Motivationsanalysen” – personality development and analysis of intrinsic motivation
  • established web portal for micro-motivation http://www.tolle-nachricht – Minimal effort – maximum motivation
  • became North European champion of public speaking (Borås, 2015)

References shall not be published since client relationships are strictly confidential. Please channel any enquiry to the contact page of Business Coaching Köln.

The biggest obstacles you have to overcome reside between your ears. Too often we allow others to tell us what success is, too often we are willing to subject our self-image to the opinion of others. Success is rarely free from discomfort. I urge and implore you to stand this uneasiness. It’s worth it. Nothing is more rewarding than showing your critics the impossible.