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How to quit your job

Unhappy with your current job position?

If you are unhappy with your current job, then there’s no need to despair. I have a collection of three general ideas for you. Follow them and get rid of every thing that holds you back in striving for a fulfilling professional career.

Why do you want to quit?

First, it is crucial to find out why you want to quit your job. If you are not clear about your reason and if you are only suffering from a general and vague feeling of dissatisfaction then you are not ready to quit. Remember, that there is one thing you always take with you – yourself. If your reason of unhappiness lies inside you quitting your job will not improve your situation. A job change has to cure the reasons for your dissatisfaction.

Reasons for considering to quit your job might be

  • Your values are in conflict with the values of your boss or colleagues or even of the whole company
  • You don’t feel challenged, you feel bored with your tasks, or you simply don’t enjoy your work anymore
  • You find you are underpaid
  • Your work is not valued nor appreciated
  • You get an unexpected job offer from another company
  • Your work-life-balance is everything but balanced

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Be very sure about your reasons for your unfulfilled job life, because if you are not, you may find the same conditions in your next job.

Is quitting the only option?

Very often quitting your current job is not necessary. There are other means that you can control to have a better work environment. Check the following suggestions.

  • Instead of quitting try to improve your situation.
  • Make a list of everything that you like about your job. (If the word “nothing” springs to your mind, we need to talk!)
  • Find out what your colleagues are working on and ask if you can help them.
  • List the tasks that you don’t like to work on and find somebody to delegate them to.
  • Find somebody who plays with the things that you consider tedious tasks.
  • Instead of quitting consider moving somewhere else in your company. Research on other subsidaries and departments of your company and find out whether they are free from what currently bothers you.

Finally, if you are sure you want to quit, consider the following ideas.

How to quit your job

Obviously it is very important to consider all the legal aspects of a career change: period of cancellation, confidentiality obligation, protection against competition of your current employer, etc. This is none of my concern here, but if you need counsel I can recommend a lawyer from my network who is specialised in labour law. My concern is the social side of job quitting. Here are some things to consider.

  • Never leave in anger! It’s a small world an chances are high that one day you will run into the people you are going to leave behind.
  • Never smashs doors (literally and figuratively). And try not to burn any bridges behind you.
  • Find out how much risk you can take. Do you first resign and than look for a new job? Or do you feel better with a signed contract before you quit?
  • Proactively talk with the people you leave behind. That is your boss, your colleagues and probably your clients as well.
  • It’s not only you who is affected by your decision. Try to make it smooth for the company. Offer a hand to the person who’ll be sitting at your desk once you’re gone.
  • Exit with style and grace. Brief and advise your successor.
  • Do the maths: How long can you afford to be unpaid? Is your health insurance covered? Is your pension scheme endangered? Don’t do anything foolish.

Finally, investing in a business coach is certainly a good option. If you need to find clarity about your actual and future job position then contact me. I am only one phone call away.

Herzlichst,  Ihr Dr. Thomas Rose

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